5 errori da non fare per godersi una vacanza in barca

5 mistakes to avoid to enjoy a sailing holiday

Choosing a boat tour to enjoy a different holiday than usual is always a great idea. However, there are some precautions to take, especially if it is the first time on board! Here are five mistakes you shouldn’t make to enjoy a sailing holiday!

Don’t protect yourself from the sun – On the boat it feels less hot than on the beach, and in any case, a dip is enough to cool off. This often makes us forget that in a boat the direct sun is added to that reflected by the water, and the skin is exposed more intensely to the sun’s rays. Therefore, if it is always important to use a good sunscreen when going to the sea, in the case of a boat tour it is essential to have good sunglasses, sunscreen with a high protection factor, a light-coloured T-shirt (and after-sun, for boat trips of several days). Better to opt for a boat that has a covered area for the hottest hours, or however much we feel the need for a little shade … even in front of the Faraglioni of Capri!

Polluting the sea – Don’t throw litter into the water is the obvious part of this advice (we like the sea… when it’s clean!). It is less obvious to remember that the toilet flush goes directly into the sea, and therefore it is essential not to use it in the harbour or offshore when there are other swimmers in the sea … who are enjoying the swim!

Underestimating the skipper – Often a boat license is not enough to go on holiday with a rented motor boat. The value of a skippered charter goes beyond having a “tour guide” and a “driver” with you. At sea (as everywhere) small unforeseen events can in fact happen, and the presence of a skipper will make the difference between a simple mishap and a moment of fear: often the difference lies only in the ability to manage stress or in the fact that you have already encountered some recurring criticality, in addition to the fact that every good skipper is able to make the right route decisions according to the marine weather.

Bring rigid suitcases – Spaces on board are limited: getting on board with the classic rigid suitcase that we typically send in the hold at the airport is a big no. Better to opt for soft bags, which have the advantage of being more easily accommodated in the accommodation and decrease in volume when we empty them in whole or in part.

Choosing the wrong shoes – There are two types of wrong shoes on board: those that hurt your feet and those that hurt the boat. On the first type, never as on board it is important that the shoes are well breathable and dry quickly. On the boat, there is room for elegant shoes … only in your suitcase, to be taken out immediately before an elegant dinner. As for the second type – the wrong shoes “for the boat” – it is better to choose models with a white or in any case clear rubber sole, and in general it is good to pay attention to any pebbles stuck in the sole, which can ruin the boat.

If you have made it this far, you have all the elements to leave in peace for your next boat tour. Have a nice trip!

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