5 cose da sapere per godersi un tour in barca

5 things to know about enjoying a boat tour

Everyone dreams of it, a one-day boat holiday with a view of Capri’s stacks or a dip in a special cove of the Sorrento Coast: many, however, allow themselves to be discouraged by the idea of too high a price (spoiler: the group boat tour is at the reach of all budgets!), or the difficulties that a holiday so different from the classic “same beach, same sea” can entail. Here are 5 things to know to put all fear behind you and try this amazing experience!

 What do I bring with me on board? – For a day boat tour there is no need to bring many things with you. Most of the good quality boat charter companies provide you with beach towels, soft drinks, water, fruit and snacks for a good aperitif, snorkelling equipment and more, but it is always good to remember to bring your own charger for electronic devices, a light jacket for boat tours that include an evening return, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat, a spare swimsuit and comfortable shoes or slippers.

Electronic devices – Yes to mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, cameras, Go-Pro or the electronic devices you want: on board a motor boat it is possible to recharge the devices, although obviously our advice is to use your time to live the experience, filling your eyes with beauty and the air with laughter, enjoying the feeling of well-being that only a boat trip can give.
What does the captain do? – Even if we are not on a nineteenth-century sailing ship, the figure of the captain of a boat retains a certain charm, and still today goes far beyond the “simple” driver of a boat: in addition to ensuring smooth sailing and efficient manoeuvres, it is his responsibility to ensure safety on board. An experienced local captain is of course a nice plus: he will be able to give you useful advice on the most evocative coves, on the quietest places to anchor and will probably be able to tell you some local “gems” that are not found in the usual tourist guides.

Children on board – Let’s face it immediately: children love sailing holidays. Inexhaustible stimuli for their curiosity, infinite ways to have fun! From 3-4 years upwards, green light to take the little ones on a boat holiday. Up to about 12 years of age, however, episodes of motion sickness (seasickness, car sickness and in general all the ailments related to means of transport) are statistically more frequent, and it is important to protect yourself with some anti-nausea gum (if the child is of sufficient age). The ideal would be to “test” the child’s predisposition to seasickness with a boat tour lasting a few hours. Disturbances aside, the adults on board will naturally have to identify (at least) one of them to keep their eyes open to the movements of the minor, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

Know yourself, get to know others – Life on a boat, even just for a day, puts travellers side by side in a (relatively) confined space, in a different environment than usual. It is an opportunity to look at the very idea of a holiday with new eyes, but also to discover a type of relationship with others that exists only on board and that magically unites all those on board. There is also a bon ton on board, which can guide you on the behaviours to take to enjoy these moments … but for the most part it will be enough to be guided by the heart.

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  1. We love that you explained what we should pack for a boat tour with kids. My wife and I want to go on a boat tour to celebrate our daughter’s good school grades, so we’ll start looking for one next week. Thanks for the advice on preparing your children for a boat tour.

    1. Sea You Aboard

      Thank you very much, Eli!We always aim to provide useful and informative contents to our community

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