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About us

Sergio Imperatore – [CEO e Captain]

As soon as you get to know him, you immediately understand that Sergio is a person you can trust even keeping your eyes closed: his experience in managing boats and planning boat trips is crystal clear in everything he does! With his excellent technical skills, he is the best captain to guide you through a wonderful boat holiday!

Claudia Ibba – [Booking and Administration Manager]

On vacation, we want to relax and have fun: especially on a wonderful boat! This is why Claudia is so precious in Sea You Aboard: she manages every “bureaucratic” aspect with precision, from bookings to time management, to make sure that you can spend every moment of your holiday doing what you love!

Eduard Nicolae – [Captain]

A captain who knows every secret of the Gulf of Naples, ready to guide you on a wonderful journey with lightness and passion: our Edward awaits you on board to put his great competence and contagious enthusiasm at your service!

Mission & Vision

The beauties of Campania are endless: our mission is to condense the magic of places full of history and beauty in a one-day marvellous boat trip. Our deep geographic knowledge is combined with experience in the management of pleasure boats, to give life to a special tourism project, which focuses on the luxury of time.

A boat trip is the smartest way to enjoy all the best of the Campania coasts in freedom and relaxation: no traffic, no queues, no crowds and the wonderful sensation of living a precious mix of nature and elegance.

Safe vacation.

Private tours, guaranteed security measures.

Accessible luxury.

Wonderful boats, reserved accesses and much more.

Great quality.

All the best of local food & wine.

Magical places

A unique look at the pearls of Campania.

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