Bachelor or bachelorette party: choose a boat tour

The bachelor or bachelorette party is a special occasion that needs impeccable organization. Dear friends of future spouses, have you already thought about how to make sure that their last adventure before the ring is unforgettable?

In the wedding preparations your support is of fundamental importance and in this period you will probably also have small tasks, such as collecting the favors, communicating to the guests any information on the movements or on the location. But beware: you have another very important task, which is to organize an unforgettable and amazing bachelorette / bachelorette party!

It is never too late to think about a truly special event, a day of fun and entertainment. It is absolutely not easy to organize this type of event: you have to put together many people, each with different needs of time and budget, different tastes and maybe each with the desire to propose their own idea.

Stop. We have the perfect solution: a boat tour!

Let us guide you in choosing the boat that best suits your needs and the most suggestive and lively itinerary to surprise your friends with a bachelor/bachelorette party full of fun.

Finding the perfect boat

First, we recommend that you get a list of how many attendees there will be. Organizing a bachelor/bachelorette party is not an easy task, but once you know the number of guests, you will be able to find a suitable boat to accommodate everyone.

Our motorboats, equipped with all comforts and equipped with the most innovative technologies, will guarantee you maximum safety in navigation. Each of them has a different characteristic from the others. Discover all our boats and choose the one that best suits the needs of all the guests but above all the one that will make the couple happy!

Choose a theme for the boat party

One of the best parts of planning a bachelor/bachelorette party is finding a theme! It is important to consult with the celebrated, be creative and take into account all the things that future spouses love. You can arrange with the captain of the boat to go to the boat in advance to decorate it before the arrival of the protagonists of the evening!

Here are some themes perfect for the occasion:

  • Nautical theme
  • Tropical theme
  • Blue and white colour theme
  • Flamingo theme
  • Theme with the favourite colors of the future spouses

These are just a few ideas but with a little imagination, you will find lots of them!

List of things to bring

Having a full list of things to bring on board for the special day on the boat is essential. Once in navigation, there are (usually) no shops that can be accessed easily if you forget something! We suggest some items that you cannot forget before getting on board:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Matching swimwear
  • Decorations/Party items
  • “Wedding” clothing and accessories
  • Bachelor/bachelorette party games

The best destinations for a bachelor/bachelorette party on a boat

The Amalfi Coast is a fantastic destination for this kind of party. Visiting the Li Galli Islands, where it is said that Ulysses met the Sirens and skirting Punta Campanella seeing the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva is priceless.

Or you can choose to discover Capri, the most famous island in the world, in its best guise with its caves and breathtaking cliffs.

Not to mention the typical cuisine and the unique views of Ischia and Procida.

You just have to choose the perfect destination for future spouses and make this last weekend as a boyfriend or as a girlfriend unforgettable!

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