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Birthday on a boat: an unforgettable party

Celebrating your birthday on a boat: why not? One would say: what better occasion to celebrate a special event in the company of friends and loved ones, in the name of originality and the pleasure of sharing an experience to be remembered?

Let’s face it: nowadays we are increasingly looking for new experiences never tried before, and a boat tour to celebrate a birthday seems to be the perfect choice for those who want to indulge in an opportunity for conviviality in a unique beautiful context, surrounded by the pleasantness of the sea along the Campania coast, which hides corners of paradise waiting to be discovered, among secret islands and inlets.

Whether it’s an 18-year-old party, an adult birthday or a family celebration to celebrate the little ones, the common denominator is always the same: the sea. Living it on board a boat, between an aperitif and a toast, undecided between a snack and a cake, makes all the difference in this world. Why? Easy to say!

A birthday party on a boat is not a simple party: it is a full experience, a big present to the birthday boy/girl or – in reverse – to his/her guests. You’ll have the opportunity to spend a whole day very unusually: hours of leisure and relaxation during which, for example, it will be possible to dive for a swim offshore, where the sea is more transparent and crystalline, or make a stop to discover the most beautiful coastal resorts of Campania.

A few examples? Procida, Ischia, Capri, Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento: you can reach all these destinations by choosing a private boat tour with Sea You Aboard. Our service gives you the possibility to disembark in one of these places during the day, visiting the main attractions or booking lunch at the most characteristic restaurants. If this isn’t the best birthday of your life, what else will it ever be?

Is it better to celebrate in the morning or at sunset?

From our point of view, the choice is purely subjective and depends on one’s taste. Rather, what matters is the idea of ​​spending a day different from the others, to remember an important date to share with the people we have in our hearts, visiting places that in everyday life we ​​often don’t have the opportunity to explore. Do not forget, then, another equally important aspect: exploring the Campania coasts from the sea allows you to access places that otherwise it would not be possible to reach from the mainland. Think for example of hidden bays, coves and inlets…one more reason to choose Sea You Aboard boat tours!

Celebrate your birthday on a boat in Naples and Campania

For your special event, Sea You Aboard allows you to celebrate your birthday aboard our boats: the Jeranto 750 gozzo, the day cruisers Cranchi Z35, Positano 38 Open and Tornado 50, perfect for both those who love a boat closer to the canons of tradition and for those who wish to celebrate their special day cherishing the maximum comfort onboard.

Our tours have variable duration: they start from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 9 hours. Much depends on the type of excursion you want to organize: a full day in Positano and Li Galli requires more time, so the boat tour, in this case, lasts 9 hours; if, for example, you choose to celebrate your birthday by toasting at sunset, letting yourself be inebriated by the immeasurable charm of the Sorrento Coast, then it will be possible to opt for a 4-hour tour. The possibilities of choice, as you can imagine, are endless: we, therefore, recommend that you take a look at the tours page and choose your favourite boat excursion!

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