Escursioni in barca: tour privato o di gruppo

Boat excursions: private tour or group tour?

When the destination of your holiday is a seaside resort, boat excursions are among the most beautiful, exciting and engaging activities to experience. In fact, there is nothing better than sailing enjoying the beauty of the landscapes, with the wind in your hair and fully experiencing that sense of freedom and peace that only the sea can give. In addition, a boat ride is the perfect opportunity to observe the beauty of the coast from a different and unusual perspective, looking at places and wonders, which are usually much more difficult to reach by car, especially at certain times of the year.

The Sorrento Coast, the Amalfi Coast, Ischia, Procida and Capri are destinations that lend themselves perfectly to the organization of boat tours. The beauty of the places, the charm of the villages, the thousands of secret and hidden places that are difficult to reach by car, are all aspects that make it imperative for those on holiday in these enchanted destinations to enjoy a boat ride. But which type of tour is better? Group tours or private tours? Let’s try to answer this question.

Group boat tour: save and make new friends

In the case of a group tour, the boat is shared between several people who did not know each other before. This solution can be useful for those who travel alone and want to save on the cost of the rental. On the other hand, however, this type of tour must necessarily propose a rigid program, to allow all participants to manage the times of their travels. These are therefore strictly organized tours, in which it is also possible to run into travel companions who can make the experience less pleasant.

Private boat tour: you have the boat all to yourself and your friends and family

Choosing a private excursion means having the boat at your complete disposal, sharing it only with friends and family directly involved in the experience.

This is, therefore, the perfect option for a little holiday with family or friends, or to organize a special day, celebrating, for example, an anniversary, a birthday, a bachelor party or a hen party, any special occasion.

A private tour is more flexible in organization and scheduling and allows you to have a pleasant experience in every aspect, including the company you are travelling with.

Experience a very special private tour with Sae You Aboard

Sea You Aboard offers private boat tours to the main tourist destinations in Campania.

With Sea You Aboard you can concentrate the essence of one or more fairytale destinations in a day on a boat, building your itinerary or taking advantage of one of those designed by our team, based on a deep knowledge of the territory and its wonders.

You will have at your disposal wonderful boats (including the famous and typical Sorrento gozzo boats) and expert skippers, you will be able to count on reserved access and on all the best of the food & wine sector, and you will visit the pearls of Campania from a truly unique and original perspective.

To find out more, discover our boat tours or contact us to build your personalized itinerary.

2 thoughts on “Boat excursions: private tour or group tour?”

  1. Hey there! I like it when you pointed out that private boat tours are perfect if we wish to get only our close ones involved. My cousin and his friends plan to rent a yacht in California this weekend. I’ll surely ask them to contact a charter provider sometime soon.

    1. Sea You Aboard

      Hi Sam, that’s great to hear! If you plan to visit the Amalfi Coast in the future, please get in touch, so we can help you plan your perfect boat tour.

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