Giro in barca a Procida

Procida boat tour: the corners not to be missed

Procida is an extraordinary island, far from mass tourism and in some ways jealous of its own identity. It has retained an authentic soul that enchants every visitor. Elected “Italian Capital of Culture 2022”, it is a place where nature, history and culture find full and varied expression.

A boat ride is ideal for discovering the thousand faces of this delightful island.

When you arrive near Procida, the first thing that strikes the visitor is the spectacle of the multicolored houses: blue, yellow, orange, red, white, a real rainbow that welcomes the traveler in joy.

Procida is a jewel set in a crystalline sea and has delightful corners not to be missed. Let’s find out which are the most beautiful places.

Giro in barca a Procida

#1 Borgo of Corricella

Marina Corricella is the oldest seaside village of Procida, a romantic place where time seems to have stopped. Arranged as a sort of natural amphitheater overlooking the sea and surrounded by nets lying placidly on the quay, the village retains its ancient soul intact and presents itself as a peaceful and relaxing refuge in which to connect with the deepest essence of this fishermen’s island. The ancient port of Corricella is also aesthetically truly unique, formed as it is by arches, stairs and loggias that make the atmosphere a fairy tale.

The turquoise sea, the streets and the brightly colored houses create a truly unique context. It is no coincidence that this village has been the film set for numerous national and international productions, including the famous movie “Il Postino” with Massimo Troisi.

#2 Islet of Vivara

The island of Vivara is a small and delightful portion of land connected to Procida by an old bridge. It has been a protected natural oasis since 1974 and has been a state nature reserve since 2002. Vivara is an unspoiled place, populated by rare flora and numerous water birds. The backdrops are rich in marine plants and are truly spectacular, an attraction for all lovers of snorkelling and diving. The islet is currently not open to visitors and a boat trip is the best way to observe the enchanting beauty of the landscape.

#3 Palazzo d’Avalos and Terra Murata

Terra Murata is the historic core of the island and is located almost 90 meters above sea level. This village takes its name from the walls that were built by the D’Avalos family in the 1500s. Dominating the village is the Palazzo d’Avalos, built together with the walls. The view of this monumental complex from the sea is truly breathtaking, not only for its grandeur, but also for the historical importance it expresses, as a tangible testimony of the island’s urban, political and military history.

#4 Procida beaches

Procida is an island that offers many beaches, bays and inlets, delightful places to enjoy a swim. Most of the beaches can also be reached by foot, but some can only be discovered by sea.

Among the most famous beaches we remember the beaches of Ciraccio and Chiaiolella, characterized by crystal clear waters; but the most famous beach is probably that of the Pozzo Vecchio, where some scenes of the film “Il Postino” were shot. Its characteristic horseshoe shape, the crystalline waters with an iridescent color, from blue to blue, and the volcanic sand make it a place of particular charm.

#5 Chiaiozza Bay

This bay is truly exclusive, reachable only by sea, and represents a truly magical place, a sort of natural swimming pool set in the rock and well hidden among the rocks that border the Chiaiolella tourist port.

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