Escursione in barca a Ischia e Procida

Boat trip to Ischia and Procida: a day dedicated to sea and culture

They are called the “Isola Flegree” because of the evident volcanic nature that characterizes them, as well as the fact that they belong, geologically and culturally, to the Campi Flegrei area, which is located in the western part of the province of Naples.

There was a time when Ischia and Procida did not enjoy the same fame that, for example, enveloped the island of Capri, notoriously more worldly and a favourite destination for VIP and elite tourism.

Over the years, however, thanks to the social networks and the appointment of Procida as Capital of Culture 2022, these last two islands have begun to know the charm of the media limelight, so much so that today they have become two of the most requested destinations, both by tourists and foreigners, both by those who live in the area and want to spend a day at the beach in iconic and suggestive places.

Here are some stops not to be missed for your boat tour to Ischia and Procida with Sea You Aboard!

Boat trip to Ischia and Procida

Procida and Ischia: that’s why visit them with a boat tour

Boat trip to Ischia and Procida

The first thing you need to know is that these two islands, although light years away from the hustle and bustle of the city, are very close to the mainland, and can be reached in a short time and with quick navigation starting from Castellammare di Stabia.

The coastal panorama, among other things, which can be admired if you are travelling to Ischia and Procida, is truly wonderful, with postcard landscapes: just think of the Posillipo hill, the islet of Nisida, the Gulf of Pozzuoli and Capo Miseno.

Our tour dedicated to the Flegrean Islands includes a splendid boat excursion to Procida that starts from the turquoise waters of Corricella, where it will be possible to dive and snorkel.

A stop on the Island of Arturo, of course, is a must: getting off the boat you can visit the characteristic village of Procida, a sort of open-air film set where time seems to have stopped. Here, among narrow streets and colourful houses, it will be possible to immerse yourself with all your senses in a truly unforgettable experience.

But we are only halfway through our journey: after this interlude, the journey resumes turning into a boat ride to Ischia to discover the Green Island.

The tour of the island includes sailing around the imposing Aragonese Castle, in the Ischia Ponte area, where it will be possible to swim in unusual places, which are generally not accessible by land.

The tour of the island then continues towards Lacco Ameno, Forio and Punta Imperatore, up to the bay of Sorgeto and the picturesque village of Sant’Angelo. Of course, Ischia also has much more to offer beyond the sea, with many places of great interest from a landscape, historical and cultural point of view.

With Sea You Aboard you can treat yourself to a day out of the ordinary thanks to our guided tours to discover the Flegrean Islands, two paradises of nature that, when visited from the sea, can offer many wonders to be discovered!

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