Capri al tramonto in barca

Capri at sunset: discover our romantic boat excursion

Sunset is the most romantic moment of the day and experiencing it on a boat means being able to fully grasp its charm.

Capri at sunset has a disarming beauty: the island is cloaked in magic and the sun diving in the sea colours the atmosphere with all shades of red.

Admiring this spectacle of nature with your own or your partner is wonderful!

The enchanting scenery could also be the ideal stage for an original and engaging marriage proposal, the celebration of an anniversary or a special occasion.

Boat excursion at sunset: the stages of a tour of Capri in the name of romance

The Sea You Aboard Sunset Capri Tour is a four-hour excursion to Capri by boat that has the sunset as its main character.

The boat tour starts at 18:00 at the port of Castellammare di Stabia: from here we set out for Capri. The navigation proceeds along the Sorrento coast, allowing you to admire the sheer cliffs of the bays of Sorrento, the Bagni Della Regina Giovanna and the Punta Campanella lighthouse.

Once in Capri, the excursion proceeds with a visit to the White Grotto, a cave accessible only by sea, characterized by the extraordinarily white colour of the rocks. Upon entering, you have the sensation of entering a world of its own, characterized by unforgettable contrasts, reflections and plays of light. The soft and romantic atmosphere is made even more special by the contrast between the absolute white of the rocks and the colour of the clear seabed, which instead passes through all the shades of blue and green.

gita in barca per vivere Capri a tramonto

We then proceed towards Villa Malaparte, a private house, which stands on a steep and narrow rocky promontory. Its position overlooking the sea gives it a particular charm, almost as if its foundations rose directly from the water. Observing this building from the perspective of the sea is the best way to grasp its magic.

You can then admire the Great Natural Arch of Capri, an imposing limestone rock structure 12 meters wide and 18 meters high, which fully represents the disruptive force of nature, which year after year produces its effects on every element.

Sunset at the Faraglioni of Capri

The excursion then proceeds to the famous Faraglioni, a true symbol of Capri in the world: three extraordinary rocks, beautiful and magnificent with their imposing height (around 100 meters). Romantic place par excellence, it is said that exchanging a kiss under the arch of the central Faraglione brings luck to the couple.

Tramonto ai Faraglioni di Capri

It is in this extraordinary place that we will stop for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters and for an aperitif on the boat. It is here that we will admire the sunset in all its powerful beauty and we will catch all the reflections of the light that goes out in the sea.

The view of the sun setting behind the stacks will be an experience of superb beauty, made even more magical by sharing with your loved one.

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