Intervista al capitano Edward

Interview with Captain Edward

What is the secret to the perfect sailing holiday? Someone will tell the destination. Someone else will say … having checked the weather. Still others will say that the items you carry on board can make the difference. These are all right answers, but in our experience few things contribute to the success of a boat tour as much as… having the right captain! We therefore decided to dedicate a post on our blog to Edward, the beloved captain of Sea You Aboard who every year brings many tourists to discover the wonders of the Campania coasts. We asked him some questions, collecting them in a mini-interview. Here it is!

First question for you: what prompted you to choose this job?

I had a splendid example in the family! An aunt of mine obtained a degree that allowed her to be in command of merchant ships: her determination, her courage and her professionalism, which she now expresses in a different activity, always in the maritime field, have been of great inspiration for me. I can say that she is my mentor, the person who supported me in the school period and encouraged me to always improve.

What is the aspect you love the most about your job?

Knowing that every day I will meet new people, whom I don’t know and who will tell me something about their lives, leaving me a piece of their culture, their traditions and… sometimes a few words of their dialect! This aspect of my job gives me the feeling of traveling the world every day, even if I am always driving a boat tour in Campania!

Can you briefly tell us about your typical day when you have to embark a group of people for a daily boat tour?

Usually I always inform myself, the day before, about the type of customers, their origin and any specific requests, in order to best meet their expectations. I prepare the boat, and on the agreed day I am ready to welcome customers! Usually starting from the port of Marina di Stabia, I pass the Sorrento Coast, providing some historical information and telling some curiosities, until we arrive at Punta Campanella. From here, the itinerary and the stops change based on a large number of factors: first of all, the wishes of the customers. There are those who want to spend more time in Capri, those who love the wildest coves and therefore want to enjoy a nice swim in the Bay of Jeranto, those who have come especially for Positano or Li Galli. The beauties of the Campania coasts are endless, and I try to give everyone an experience of this splendour at 360 degrees. I love the sea and I try to communicate this love to customers, together with the importance of respecting it. Unmissable on board is the moment to open the sparkling wine, accompanied by a snack, to celebrate the arrival at the chosen destination! My task is also to indicate the length of stay in each stage, to explore the various destinations without neglecting some well-deserved relaxation.

Do you have a favourite destination in Campania?

Not only one: I have many. With a job like mine you have the opportunity to discover the islands and coasts of Campania in all their facets. However, if I have to indicate one in particular, I admit that it is probably the Blue Grotto. Not for the simple reason that it is a spectacle of nature … but because in the past I had the opportunity to swim in it once, despite the ban! An unparalleled show. Visiting it by boat remains an absolute must for those who choose Capri as a destination: as soon as you enter this cave you feel for a moment lost, disappointed, then you turn around and… you take your breath away. Really magic!

Do you have a tip for those who have never done a day boat tour?

For those about to start a boat trip, I always recommend – especially if you are a first time experience – not to drink liquids and take a tablet against seasickness, or a rubber with a similar function. For the rest, in mutual respect, I do not impose rules: I only recommend enjoying the sea as much as possible, because a boat holiday is one of the most beautiful things in the world!

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