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Procida: 5 reasons to visit the Italian Capital of Culture 2022

When we talk about the islands of the Gulf of Naples, very often the attention falls on the worldly Capri or the volcanic Ischia, ignoring however the fact that there is a third island, perhaps less celebrated than the others but not for this reason with less charm, which in recent times gained additional national (and international) celebrity after being awarded the title of the Capital of Culture for 2022.

Have you already understood what island we are talking about? We are talking about Procida! The “Island of Arturo”, to quote the famous novel by Elsa Morante which is set right here, the smallest of the Flegrean Islands, anything but worldly, but capable to offer incredible architectural and landscape scenarios. An iconic place, an island out of Time, where many sensory suggestions blend to inspire a unique and unrepeatable “vintage” charm.

Here, among colourful houses, narrow streets, historical testimonies and natural paradises of incomparable charm, it is possible to spend a special day, filling up with beauty in any corner of the island. Sea You Aboard provides you with this small guide to discover Procida, listing the 5 main reasons why it is worth visiting it with one of our tours.

Because it is the perfect refuge for those who are not looking for nightlife

As anticipated at the beginning of this article, the substantial difference between Procida, Ischia and Capri lies in the fact that the smallest of the islands in the Gulf of Naples, to date, still manages to keep itself away from mass tourist flows, preserving a sort of integrity that makes it almost immune to worldliness and the wildest nightlife. In Procida every glimpse seems to inspire the adjective slow: here everything is “slow”, from the sound of the sea undertow that you can hear on the beaches to the rustle of the wind blowing through the Mediterranean vegetation, suggesting to the heart and soul that it is possible another dimension of life, far from the chaos and noise of modernity.

Because you will find beautiful beaches

Cala del Pozzo Vecchio, Chiaiolella, Chiaia, Ciraccio, Silurenza, are the most beautiful beaches to discover during your trip to Procida. Even more fascinating is to visit them by accessing them directly from the sea: you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the essence of these places, discovering unprecedented sides that are usually much more difficult to notice from the mainland. The seabed, dark due to the volcanic nature of these places (let’s not forget that in this case, we are in the heart of the Phlegraean Fields), is the reason why the colours of the water range from cobalt blue to emerald green, inebriating the sense of sight.

Because Procida is full of places to photograph

If you are a photography lover, or if more simply one of your hobbies is to immortalize the places you visit, and maybe share them with your circle of contacts on social networks (Instagram above all), well, then Procida is right for you! After all, how can you resist the urge to photograph the picturesque fishermen’s houses on the Corricella seafront or the breathtaking view that can be admired looking out from the imposing fortification of Terra Murata?

Because if you don’t come to Procida you will never know what real seafood cuisine is

What binds the island of Procida to maritime traditions is a truly indissoluble knot: one of its most authentic and genuine expressions are through local cuisine. If you decide to organize your tour in Procida, you cannot fail to taste the lemon salad, spaghetti with sea urchins, stuffed squid and the unique “Alla Procidana” rabbit.

Because you can say that you have visited the Capital of Culture

Let’s not keep this aspect in the background! Thanks to its millenary legends, its ancient traditions and the naturalistic wonders of this place, Procida represents the ideal destination for 2022, setting itself up as a model for all the island and coastal resorts of the whole Italy.

So if we managed to convince you, it’s time to organize your boat tour in Procida with Sea You Aboard: come and discover our offer and book your special day to enjoy a real paradise in the Gulf of Naples!

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