anniversario in barca

Romantic anniversary aboard a boat

Love is in the air, indeed in the water. If you are looking for an idea to celebrate your anniversary in the most romantic way possible, an escape aboard a boat is the perfect solution to make this sweet moment unforgettable.

Allow yourself to spend time with the one you love enjoying a dinner under the stars or simply sipping a cocktail as the sun slowly mixes with the sea.

Celebrating the anniversary on a boat is an experience to live that doesn’t happen every day. But how to plan everything without making a mistake and thus avoiding wrecking your romantic date aboard a boat?

Here are six basic steps to impress (once again) the person you love!

1. Atmosphere

Let’s begin with the right setting: as romantic as it can be. If you charter a boat for, let’s say, half a day, you will have everything to yourself (except the captain and the crew!).

You will be seated at a table for two on the flybridge or aft, watching the reflected lights bounce around, listening only to the sound of the sea and the voice of your loved one.

2. Flowers

Have you forgotten your favorite flowers? No problem. Many florists deliver directly to the boat, so when you get on board you will be greeted with roses, lilies, sunflowers, tulips, all your partner’s favorite flowers.

You can avoid the last-minute bouquet of what’s left in the shop by ordering the flowers in advance and having them delivered for the time of arrival by boat!

3. Music

Music can also be well planned. Many boats nowadays have sound systems that connect to your device via Bluetooth, so you can carry your playlist of romantic songs. Lover of the great classics? It begins with “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla. Do you want more rhythm? “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye will be perfect for the evening!

If you need help with music, we recommend Spotify’s “Love Ballads” playlist.

4. Food

You have a couple of options on a boat – some come with a chef as part of the crew, meaning a meal can be prepared on board to your taste and convenience. Other boats will allow you to moor in the marina and be able to enjoy a fish-based dinner at the restaurant, perhaps with a terrace overlooking the sea.

5. Clothing

Most boats don’t allow guests to wear shoes on board, which means you have the opportunity to get a pre-gift: a manicure a few days before dinner on the boat.

Elegant and at the same time comfortable clothing is perfect for feeling at ease without losing the magic of love.

6. Dessert

Eventually we got to dessert. Yes, sure, you can enjoy that part of the evening on the boat as well, but another option is to stop at a restaurant for a dessert and a shot.

Give your partner a chance to show off his/her new outfit while all eyes are on him/her. Sit at a table by the sea with the view of the boat gently pulling its lines, like a chariot waiting to take you home later in the evening. 

It doesn’t come very close to a fairytale in a private carriage, unless you live in Disneyland, but a dinner with your loved one, eye to eye, experiencing an exclusive, romantic and perhaps candlelit evening is priceless.

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