un tour privato in barca per visitare Capri

The only reason not to visit Capri

On all the blogs of the tourism sector that include tours of Campania, Capri always has a special place: this island recalls the most evocative words that the Italian language reserves for the concept of beauty: dream, paradise, wonder, splendour, and so on. Street.

However, there is a reason to exclude Capri from one’s holiday destinations, known to practically all those who have visited it at least once during the summer: the crowds.
Despite the pandemic, crowds of tourists and vacationers flocked to Capri in August 2021 as in pre-Covid times, with thousands of people arriving in a few hours and long queues in Marina Grande for ticket offices and the funicular.
The ferry overflows with tourists, the iconic Piazzetta is full at all hours, the delicious restaurants have everything booked, the beaches are packed, if you want to look out at one of the suggestive viewpoints you are forced to elbow to take a photo or two and … long queue materializes to access the characteristic Blue Grotto. Capri remains beautiful even so, but if you went there on vacation… well, sharing this beauty with so many people can be annoying.
An easy way to overcome the inconvenience of crowds in Capri is … to go there in winter. There are many who praise the charm of this location in the cold period, but for sure we are talking about a completely different type of holiday and… without diving!

One way to live peacefully the queen of the Campania islands even in summer is of course a private boat tour: you travel only with the people you love, you don’t need a beach to swim (on the contrary, you enjoy pools of water inaccessible to the most people), the reservations of restaurants and attractions are taken care of by the tour organizer, who will probably also be able to make you find a nice aperitif on board and … you will minimize the moments of “forced sharing” of the wonders of this island .

Imagine having everything you need on board a boat equipped with every comfort: add a pinch of adventure and the freedom to sip a drink or sunbathe with the stacks in front of you, after having dropped anchor in the place where the water is more beautiful… living Capri like this is an experience with few comparisons!

A boat trip to Capri is also a good way to have a luxury experience without … fainting. The island is famous for its high prices (after all, is it a place in the heart of the international jet set or not?), But to be a VIP for a day you don’t need to empty your wallet! The beauties for which this island is most famous are natural: the Faraglioni, the Blue Grotto, the sea, the unique landscape. Every opportunity to immerse yourself in this beauty is to be seized immediately, without wasting a minute! This is why it is so precious to choose a visit mode that saves you queues and allows you to dedicate every moment of your holiday to the pleasure of experiencing Capri, having fun and recharging yourself in the best company: the one you have chosen.

Discover the Sea You Aboard daily boat tour to Capri: the Blue Island is ready to open its treasure chest of natural, historical and gastronomic beauties for you!

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