il gozzo sorrentino: il modo più bello di vivere il mare!

The Sorrento gozzo: the most beautiful way to experience the sea!

The “gozzo sorrentino” is a boat with a long history, which has been transformed over the centuries to meet very different needs: born as a boat for fishermen, over the centuries it has been “dressed” with the most advanced comforts, acquiring more advanced features and becoming synonymous with an authentic way to enjoy the sea. The idea of a boat tour to Capri, Ischia, Procida, Positano or the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts is always closely linked to the Sorrento gozzo: the size of this boat, in fact, makes it particularly suitable for one-day excursions. , when you want to be comfortable with family or friends, when you want to have plenty of space available to sunbathe or enjoy an aperitif, when you want to do without the difficulties of manoeuvring a larger motor boat or if we prefer not to be too tied to the variability of the wind for the success of a holiday, as can happen with a sailboat.

Born as a wooden boat for sailors, the gozzo arrived in Italy several centuries ago from the East, introduced into the Mediterranean by the Arabs and then perfected in various places in Italy to reflect the characteristics of local fishing. The most famous Italian declinations of gozzo are the Ligurian and the Neapolitan ones, which include the Sorrentino gozzo but also the Procidano and Pozzolano gozzo. Originally designed to move sailing or rowing, the gozzi of the past had to find the right compromise between speed and stability, in order to return to land in a short time with the freshly caught fish, being able to count on the indispensable need to remain stable in navigation. . Today the Sorrento gozzo – with hulls no longer in wood mostly in fiberglass, lighter, sturdier and easily modelled – is found in the motor version in many variants, but all of them exploit these characteristics of seaworthiness, relying on local workers of long experience and the opportunities of new technologies: a truly virtuous mix between historical heritage and innovation, which has allowed the Sorrentino gozzo to become popular in the vast panorama of rental boats for short boat trips in Campania.

Some Campania shipyards have then been able to transform the Sorrentino gozzo from a “simple” boat into a luxury boat, providing it with every comfort but leaving its characteristic charm intact as much as possible. Here then we will find gozzi with very comfortable sofas and a large sundeck, lower deck cabins for short nights, essential but well-kept furnishings, on-board toilets and everything you need for a relaxing holiday on a boat. In addition to the vocation for daily summer tours on the coast, the Sorrento gozzo is now chosen for hen or stag parties, corporate team building initiatives, anniversaries and romantic occasions to celebrate, precisely for its versatility and for the successful combination of comfort and elegance. An experience undoubtedly to try, in late spring, summer or very early autumn, to discover perhaps the most beautiful way to experience the sea in Campania!

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